An opportunity to minimise risk of exposure to COVID-19 for frontline NHS staff involved in both the intubation and extubation processes has been identified by senior NHS practitioners.

This has been through a collaboration between MTC (AREA member), Rolls Royce and Innovate UK.

Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) engineers, working in collaboration with expert medical consultant practitioners, Rolls-Royce, and supported by Innovate UK, have over the last week prototyped, developed and seen operational a fast make Intubation Shield for use with Ventilators. Wider applications for the shield have also been identified, further aiding the safety of front-line medical staff.

It is anticipated that the NHS may need several thousand of these shields, with the MTC set to manufacture the first batch of up to a thousand units. MTC is currently mobilising resources to ramp up immediate capacity to upwards of two hundred units a day, which can be quickly scaled up across multiple supply chains in order to meet higher demands.

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